19th Special Forces Group Association comes to life!

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We are pleased to announce that an idea has become reality. This website, although still under construction, represents the evolution of a thought turned into something tangible. We are currently still developing not only this site, but the idea as a whole. Over our launch period we will be rolling out tons of highly anticipated services and products including: new web content, new 19thSFGA gear, membership enrollment opportunities, membership benefits, social media campaigns, live events, monthly newsletters featuring news about the group, captivating blog articles, and so much more. We are very excited to have been given the opportunity to bring this all to life! Thank you to all our current and future members and supporters. Please check back often to keep an eye out for new updates. If you would like to submit a question, comment, or to submit your email address to be notified when you can become a member, we suggest you visit our CONTACT page and submit a contact form. ANYTHING  ANYPLACE  ANYTIME!